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Bogus Noise is dedicated to making top quality circuit bent instruments. We have a clean design ethos, aiming for the most versatile set of modifications possible, while sporting a logical and functional control layout, and remaining aesthetically true to the original device.

Now running for over 10 years, Bogus Noise has branched out into sound design & patch design, sample packs, and most recently set foot into the audio software world.

Latest News

Compère has been updated to 1.2.0, now with automatic level matching, stereo and mid/side modes for the spectral display, and a few other handy tweaks. For this Black Friday weekend only, there's a 20% off special deal too!
Compère v1.1.0 update
The 1.1.0 update to Compère is out now, with a few optimisation tweaks, refinements and bug fixes, and a couple of new useful features.
Compère has been updated to v1.0.5, bringing a few bug fixes and refinements, including the addition of scales along the bottom of the oscilloscopes and spectral displays.

Compère v1.0 Released!
I'm excited to announce my first venture into the audio software market - a A/B comparison and visualisation plugin, available now for the introductory price of £34.99! The plugin is VST and AudioUnit compatible, with AAX planned for a later release.

10 Years Anniversary!
So, I missed the actual date - it's sometime in June/July - but Bogus Noise has hit the 10 years running mark! In that time I've built crikey knows how many devices (though I intend to find out), recorded over 50 videos, released a sample pack, sold to names such as Coldcut and Joe Walsh... and I don't even want to think about how many things I've started and not yet finished.

Here's to lots plenty more years of sonic insanity!
Contorted Circuitry Accounced
I have put together a collection of sounds for a sample pack, available direct from The Cell Studio. Full of lots of crafty sounds to use in all manner of productions and foley projects, accurately trimmed and processed for maximum usability, but kept raw enough to stay true to their original sound.