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Circuit Bent Casio SA21 & SA35

This classic beast has all the original functionality, but now with a mind of its own, and is primed for spouting random passages of aleatoric glitch music. Through interacting with the device, you will hear slowed down bitcrushed space drones, distant beeps and whistles, strange alien loops, industrial metal clangs and all manner of other crazy sonics! The output from these machines is rather unpredictable... as you play it you will get a feel for the instrument, but it will constantly surprise you with its output over and over again! Noises from the bent SA21 are excellent sampler fodder.

There is now an adjustable internal clock circuit to let you pitch the device up and down, with an attached LFO circuit with rate, shape (variable between square and triangle) and depth controls. Great for extraterrestrial sirens and alarms.

The Voltage Drop throttles the amount of juice getting to the circuits, making the unit think it's running out of battery power which will cause the musical sounds and drum patterns to disintegrate into fragile, distorted fizzlings, and each press of the keyboard may trigger a short cacophony of pings and clangs. The Glitch Triggers each consist of one level knob and one trigger button. The trigger button sends a short burst of electricity through part of the circuit, which will confuse the keyboard and cause it to produce many baffling noises. The Body Contacts are used to alter the streams to a lesser extent than the Chance Triggers. A slight touch to the upper contact can subtly change the change, to something different but similar. Touching both at once has a similar effect, but with a little more kick.

An audio feedback glitch control adds random sounds to the notes you play, and a distortion mod for squealing noise, crunchy beats and to really grit the sound up.

It also comes with a 1/4" output jack socket so you can plug it into mixer/computer inputs, or even guitar amps and pedals.... and believe us, you should, the original speakers do not do justice to the tones that this thing can put out! Circuit bent Casios are prone to crashing by their very nature, and so a reset button is provided to put the unit back into its default state.

Version 1, without the additional LFO.

Added Features

  • Pitch Coarse Tune Knob
  • Pitch Fine Tune Knob
  • Light Sensor Pitch Control + Disable Switch
  • Extra 'hidden' drum patterns unlocked
  • Replacement Stop Button
  • 1/4" Jack Output

Not all past devices added to the new site yet, more will be added soon, alternatively check Facebook and YouTube to see more.