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Circuit Bent Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet

These ones are crazy! Hellraiser styled looks with a range of distortion controls make this into an intense pitch shifter and flange box. Also comes with a built in oscillator to feed into the voice changer circuit..

Cyberman & Mix Me DJ

Cyberman & VTech Groovy Tunes

Added Features

  • Voice Changer Pitch Knob
  • Input Level/Overdrive Knob with On/Off Switch
  • Dry Signal Mix Knob with On/Off Switch
  • Squeal Knob with On/Off Switch
  • Feedback Knob with On/Off Switch
  • Warble Knob with On/Off Switch
  • Distortion Knob
  • Internal Doctor Who Speech Samples Pitch Knob
  • Internal Oscillator Pitch Knob
  • Internal Oscillator Trigger Button and Hold Switch
  • Voice Changer Hold Switch with Indicator LED
  • 1/4" Jack Output Socket

Not all past devices added to the new site yet, more will be added soon, alternatively check Facebook and YouTube to see more.