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Circuit Bent Kawasaki Disc Keyboard

I love these keyboards... One of the first things I bought from a car boot to modify, and held back until I'd learnt a bit more before I circuit bent it. The Voltage Starve knob makes some crazy sound effects and noises, and in the lower pitch ranges make some dirty rising oscillator tones. Includes separate left and right distortion controls, as well as a stereo distortion and one to combine the left and right signals together. All adds up to make some insane sounds, and is great fun to play!

Added Features

  • Pitch Knob
  • Pitch Disable Switch
  • Mono Distort
  • Regular Distort
  • Left & Right Tweak Controls
  • Voltage Drop Knob
  • Left & Right 1/4" Jack Outputs
  • 3 Pitch Body Contacts

Not all past devices added to the new site yet, more will be added soon, alternatively check Facebook and YouTube to see more.