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Circuit Bent Mix Me DJ

Packed with plenty of chunky drum sounds, scratch noises, loops and effects, the circuit bent version of this toy can be quite a formidable instrument. When taken right up to the top of its pitch limit, it goes haywire as it tries to keep up, resulting in noisy glitches abound. Also installed a button to access 8 hidden beats that were, for some reason, left off the original toy and unaccessible by the usual means! A switchable light sensor is installed for something rather unlike a Theremin - great fun to set the box at the highest pitch setting and turn the glitching on and off by waving your hands about.

Added Features

  • Pitch Coarse Tune Knob
  • Pitch Fine Tune Knob
  • Light Sensor Pitch Control + Disable Switch
  • Extra 'hidden' drum patterns unlocked
  • Replacement Stop Button
  • 2 Distortion Knobs with Enable/Disable Switches
  • Feedback Knob with 3-way Rotary Selector Switch
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • 1/4" Jack Output
  • 1/4" Jack Input

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