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Circuit Bent Texas Instruments Speak & Maths

Heavily circuit bent Speak and Maths with 25 modifications. Lots of options on this one! Same bends as on the Speak & Spell, but the resulting sonic mess is a bit more ambient...

Comes with LFO, glitch switches, pitch control, two distortions, and plenty of scope for sonic insanity!

Added Features

  • Pitch Knob with Disable Switch
  • 2 Pitch Bending Body Contacts
  • 5 Glitch Switches
  • Twist Switch
  • LFO Rate Knob
  • LFO Rate Indicator LED
  • LFO Shape Knob
  • LFO Depth Knob
  • Loop Activate
  • 2 Loop Modes
  • Loop Advance
  • Loop Test
  • Reset Button
  • 2 Distortion Knobs
  • 2 Distortion Enable/Disable Switches
  • 1/4" Jack Output

Not all past devices added to the new site yet, more will be added soon, alternatively check Facebook and YouTube to see more.