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Circuit Bent VTech Alphabet Desk Phonics

A nicely circuit bent Phonics Alphabet Desk here! Contains a full alphabet's worth of phonetic samples and a few handy sound effects, and a banquet of extra controls for some twisted bent madness.

There's now a pitch knob to make the samples tunable and playable, which can be turned off to use the unit at its original pitch. Lower down the scale gives low-bitrate vocal sounds, higher up goes chirpy, and in the upper range you're in the realms of the glitch mode... 3 metal body contacts provide extra touch control over the pitch, and are pretty handy for a bit of a vibrato effect!

A newly installed LFO gives some extra wobble to the pitch, variable between a square and sine waveform. This works great for adding a bit of oddness to the built in samples or as a performance control.

The Glitch trigger button and knob kick the device into a more noisy mode, giving a stream of digital noise and built in soundbites. Lots of fun to be had playing with the Pitch and LFO controls while it's glitching out!

Two Twist knobs add a fizzle edge to the output, and affect the sound differently so can be used together. The Voltage Drop Knob reduces the power going to the device, which also fragments the sound to give some extra control over the tone.

Added Features

  • Pitch Knob
  • Pitch Disable Switch
  • 3 Pitch Bending Body Contacts
  • Voltage Drop Knob
  • 2 Twist Knobs
  • LFO Rate Indicator LED
  • LFO Rate Knob
  • LFO Shape Knob
  • LFO Depth Knob
  • Glitch Amount Knob
  • Glitch Trigger Button
  • 1/4" Jack Output

Not all past devices added to the new site yet, more will be added soon, alternatively check Facebook and YouTube to see more.